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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Quilt Along ...

Well I have been busy along with everything else trying to get the quilt top finished for the lady that has ordered the quilt.

Here are all the cream blocks on which I am going to sew the "flowers".

I also have cut out the corner stones and setting strips.

I am trying to use as much pale pink, soft green and cream as possible.

The actual color for the setting strips is "Baby Pink"

Here is one of the flowers all sewn down only 8 to go.

I am using a button hole stitch on my sewing machine and a very pastel variegated thread by Mettler. It is a cotton that has a silk finish which means the thread is shiny and when sewn it brings a lovely sheen to the work.

I have also just purchased two reels of variegated thread by Signature, it is called "Pastels" and has a lovely variation of pinks, green, cream with a little bit of mauve and lemon.

This will go well with the quilt.

I purchased it online as I only have a Spotlight and Lincraft stores locally neither of which sell these sort of quilting threads.

I bought it from Patchwork Promises.


Well not a lot of exciting cooking was done over the weekend as I was busy, so it was quick meals like toasted sandwiches and chicken stirfry.

So till tomorrow I had better get back to the sewing machine.

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