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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quilted Nappy Bag

Well here it is finally finished the second nappy baby bag.

When I went into my sewing room yesterday I was going to stack things from the floor more neatly and have a ruthless throw out of scrap fabric and rubbish, but when I sat down on my chair to survey the mess my eyes landed on this nappy bag that was nearly completed.

So what did I do, I decided that I really need to get it finished which I did. It only took a little over an hour so I don't know why I had been putting off finishing it, but it is done now.

Now this bag wasn't very hard to make but you had to create the "fabric" from which to cut out the pieces. This would have been easy if we used a piece of fabric for the front and another for the back but we didn't and between Miss Le Coiffure and myself we spent nearly a day sewing together the strips for the fabric then I quilted it, with much swearing as the cotton I was using wasn't very strong and it kept breaking.

Once it was finally done, Miss Le Coiffure cut out the pieces. After that we left it for another day.

The problem was that when you folded over the pocket pieces to make a hem it became very bulky and hard to sew, there was much swearing as I sewed these hems.

When I made the long strap yesterday I used thin pellon instead of batting and this made it much thinner and easier to sew.

The original pattern was from the Moda Bake Shop


Another photo as I am so happy to have it finished.

Miss Le coiffure was very happy for it to be finished.

So while I was on my sewing binge I finished binding 4 baby blankets, another tick on my list, but when tidying I found 3 more blankets that need binding. They can keep for another day as I believe Miss Le coiffure already has over a dozen blankets.

Also another dread job was completed we are making some of the new nappies, by some I mean over 2 dozen, they look a bit like a disposable nappy but you have a cloth insert and they are rewashable.

One of the fabrics used is called PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) which is a stretchy fabric that has had polyurethane stuck to one side to keep the moisture in the nappy.

Now don't think this goes against the babies delicate little bottom, oh no we then have special microfleece that is so soft. Also being very green the insert fabric is bamboo, very very soft and delicate for the little bottom.

So I spent yesterday sewing the 2 pieces together, once I get my overlocker to thread properly I will be over locking the edges before inserting elastic, but that is for another day.

Then I sorted through bags of scraps Miss Le Coiffure had kept, in the bin they went.

So after a very long day I have found most of my sewing room floor, have thrown out or sorted piles of fabric from the floor and stacked very neatly the 3 blankets waiting to be bound and the 2 pieces of fabric to be turned into cot sheets. These can wait till Miss Le Coiffure comes because she knows what size she wants her sheets.

So today is a rest and recuperate day.

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