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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Good News and a Fix for My Technical Issues

Well technical issue sorted - what was the solution - completely turning of the mobile and back on again and it linked quite happily to the laptop.

If it had been the laptop I would have tried that but I didn't think of it for the mobile. :)

I was lucky enough to sell this quilt to lovely lady in South Australia. After she received the quilt she e-mailed me to see what other quilts I had.

I sent her photos of the only other quilt I had finished. Photo below.

Guess what ? She loved it and bought it.

Then we got emailing and she wanted to know if I had a quilt in soft green, pink and cream. Well I didn't have a completed quilt but I had started one. After a few more e-mails and photos being sent back and forth I am now putting all the baby sewing on hold so I can get it finished, which is going to be the easy part.

The lady would like a rather quilt as she has a very high bed, so the hard part is going to be quilting it, but I am getting ahead of myself I need to finish the top first.

Now I don't have a recipe today as I haven't really cooked in the last week and half with everybody being sick. So now that everybody is well again I can get back into making nice recipes.

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