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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

Well Easter is nearly upon us. I have been busy making cards for the family. Miss Fish bought everyone a present, including herself ! As we aren't a large family it isn't too many presents. She then wrapped them and we made little cards using Easter stickers, which she wrote on and stuck to the presents.

So she is organised, BUT the Easter Bunny isn't. Due to her disability we still have the Easter Bunny and Santa. I tried to stop the santa sacks needing to go out a couple of Christmas's ago, but her older sister La Coiffure insisted that they are still needed !

We don't give a lot of chocolate at Easter, just perhaps one small egg but we do give a little present. This is the way it was done when I was a child, I was the child who pulled out of my cupboard the easter eggs to put my christmas presents away.

As much as I like chocolate when I was a child a lot of the Easter egg chocolate left a lot to be desired in the flavour and taste department. Nowadays it is much better.

Miss Fish loves an Easter egg hunt, but if this is held at her Nana's, we need to count the eggs before the hunt, because we have on occasion missed some and found chewed up tinfoil wrappers in the garden.

Do you have any family traditions for Easter, that are being passed down the generations !


  1. Aww I love that present idea! I really wish I had been on an easter egg hunt. I have a vague memory of going on one but it's not very clear :P Happy Easter to you and your family! :D

  2. Yes we had one this Easter, but the Easter Bunny forgot how many needed to be looked for !