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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Piccolo Restaurant - Warrnambool

Recently my husband went out with his work colleagues for an end of season thank you tea. Now normally this is a worker only event, but this time partners were allowed.

So off we all went to Piccolo. Now I have been hear before for meals and they always been good - except for the salty golden syrup dumplings. Which they chef assured us, via the waitress that the syrup should always taste like salt was added instead off sugar. As that was a couple of years ago now, there hasn't been any repeats of cooking mishaps.

We started the evening with shared plates of warm pita bread and 3 dips, beetroot, hummus and a slightly spicy red capsicum. Very enjoyable.

Then onto mains, my husband ordered the eye fillet with peppercorn sauce, it came out perfectly cooked served with potato and vegies. As it was eaten quite quickly I didn't get a good look, but he did give me a taste of his steak and it was very tender.

I had the seafood risotto it was piping hot with succulent prawns and sweet scallops. Very, very enjoyable.

Now while I was eating I sipped on a Expresso martini. I had had one of the on my last visit, last year and enjoyed them so much, that I recreated them for Christmas Day. Which my Dad and I enjoyed so much that the champagne he brought is still sitting in the fridge.

Now after this food I didn't think I would need desert, but we managed to fit it in. I didn't see what my husband had as he had table hopped and ate it there. I had white chocolate mousse, it was very light and totally delectable.

So if you are ever in Warrnambool, have a meal at Piccolo.


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