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Friday, April 29, 2011

Slow Cooker - Potroast

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it is time to think of warming meals. Which means stews that cook slowly all day and make the house smell wonderful. It also means pot roast.

Now this is an easy meal that once started can be left to cook by itself, you only have to add the vegies at a later time. It is a true one pot meal.

Now my parents gave me a slow cooker as a present a couple of years ago, I am not one to get upset to get cooking implements for my birthday - now an iron would be a different thing you might find that thrown at you - but a slow cooker I am happy with. Now this slow cooker is very large so it is perfect for pot roast and cooking corn beef (silverside).

I used to cook it in a large saucepan, but I usually needed another saucepan when I added the vegies as there wasn't enough room. In the slow cooker it is much easier. It takes 6 hours on high, but you can set it going in the morning on low, but when you add the vegies I would put it up to high, as they will cook in 1 - 1 1/2 hours, also you don't need to cut you potatoes small pieces the size of a tennis ball are best.

Pot Roast
1 piece of topside I used a piece 1 1/2 kgs, you can also use a whole chicken, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, 1 tsp dried mixed herbs, 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce, 50 gms butter & 1/4 cup plain flour (if cooking in a large slow cooker 100 gms butter & 1/2 cup plain flour) enough beef/chicken stock to cover meat (you can do half stock and half water) Peeled potatoes and pumpkin cut into tennis ball size pieces, peeled carrots cut in half lengthwise and sliced into pieces 7 -8 cms long

Melt butter in a frypan, brown meat on all sides, place into the slow cooker (if using a large pot remove meat onto a plate) add flour whisk 1 minute. Add tomato paste whisk 1 minute. Add some of the stock, whisk to ensure that you get no lumps, when smooth add remainder of stock, herbs and worcestershire when boiling pour over meat (or add meat back to pot, bring to the boil cover, reduce heat to a simmer). Ensure there is enough liquid to cover the meat, if using a slow cooker I leave approx 4 - 5 cms room to allow for the vegetables to fit in, without the sauce overflowing. Cook 5 hours in the slow cooker add the vegies cook for a further 1 - 1 1/2 hours. I check after an hour the vegies are usually done. (If cooking in a pot cook 2 hours add the vegies, bring back to a boil then reduce heat to a rolling simmer cook approx 1 hour until the vegies are done)

Next remove the meat slice place on a plate with the vegetables pour over some of the thick sauce and enjoy.

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