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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Calm Again

Well I am typing this on my iPad hence no pictures, I still have to work our how to do that.

Yesterday after waiting nearly a whole day to see if the new iPhone had come in I called and found out that the shop had just received their 47 boxes of products and the kind fellow on the phone checked to see if the iPhones had arrived.

After a moments wait he informed me that he had my new phone in his hand, so I told him that I was on my way. I rang Mr CLI and he said "meet me out the front" so I grabbed my handbag the other phone and hurried down the drive way which is no quick walk as our front fence is 80 meters from our back door. I only had to wait a moment till his car came hurrying along and off we went.

Now I must point out I am not even getting the newest and latest iPhone only the 3 gs because they are cheaper and they will do the job for me.

As my old phone when I use it the battery cover slides of and the battery has a crack in it, also when Mr CLI or Miss Fish send me a photo from their iPhone 4 my phone can't open the photos.

Hence the need for a new phone.

Also I have promised to have it turned on at all times so I can be contacted. Lol

I do have a habit of going out and not turning on my mobile, just when it seems all the world needs to speak to me about very important things !

So I have strict instructions from Mr CLI to keep my phone on today as he may ring me.

As I have to quilt Miss Fish's quilt I am giving her for Christmas today I will home most of the day, but I better make sure that I keep the phone close by. LOL

So till tomorrow I had better scurry and get quilting before I start playing with my new toys.

One final word from Mr CLI "aren't we lucky we didn't put these under the tree for Christmas Day"

I can only concur because I would have needed a vat of espresso martinis to have coped with all the drama. LOL

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