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Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Christmas Cheer

Well we are officially in the Christmas spirit, even the Christmas Grinch (Mr CLI) can't complain because it is now after the 1st of December - Miss Fish and I decorated the inside of the house last Tuesday, because she had no work - and the Christmas Grinch complained that it wasn't even December !

Miss Fish & I love Christmas not so much for the presents, which are nice, but all the lights and decorations.

So we put our tree up last night. I always try to color theme the tree each year and I remembered that I had bought Christmas balls in January this year, when they were cheap.

So while Miss Fish was getting out the decorations I got out my new balls and tinsel only to discover that they don't have any hangers on them, what are we meant to do try and jam them onto our tree branches in the tiny holes at the top.

So Mr CLI got the job of tying ribbon loops onto them so that I could hang them on our tree. Which he did a very good job of, until he made the comment "that if he had bought the balls he would have noticed that they didn't have any hangers" after that comment he nearly had one of the balls in a place most uncomfortable. lol

When the tree was decorated Miss Fish officiated in Mr CLI hanging up her candy canes a must on our tree.


Here is a desperate dog Miss Jessie, who is 12 years old and our 3rd daughter she had her bed put up for vacuuming and we returned to find her asleep in it !

As I am typing this I am looking at her once again perched high on the lounge asleep, protected from the vacuum cleaner !


Miss Fish went to a race themed dinner last Friday night, she has a busier social life than me. She bought home a horse !

Giddy up !

We still have to put up our outside lights - the Christmas Grinch has to help, but I hope if the weather holds out we will get them up this weekend.

So if you haven't started already, have a merry time decorating your house.

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  1. Eeek! I'd better get my skates on-the tree isn't up yet! :o