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Monday, December 12, 2011

Frustration with Technology

Why haven't I been online yesterday, because I have been up to my eyeballs in technology and what now seems like a permanent fixture my phone attached to my ear for hours. No word of a lie I spent 2 hours on Sunday and 3 hours yesterday on the phone.

What you are asking was I trying to do that required so long on the phone, well I was dealing with the newest technology iPads and iPhones.

Why oh why would they create a system that has the Internet but requires you to go onto a computer to connect to the Internet to toggle with iTunes, what a nightmare.

I ended with neither the iPad or the iPhone working on the network we had selected. So back to the shop yesterday to replace both of the sim cards for another network, but the mobile with the other network was sold after we left the shop !!!!

Also to top it of when the salesman remove the hard plastic protective cover that we had bought he broke it !!!

As it was the last pink one I now have blue covers, much more manly for Mr CLI he was the one that wanted to get an ipad.

So I have to wait till today for new stock to arrive oh dear !

So what kept me busy yesterday connecting to the new service provider, you call and provide enough details to fill a screen. Then you have to go onto iTunes to finish the activation, why it baffles me and what was the result a frozen iPad that required calls to Apple with no results then Mr CLI came home at lunchtime so I could try on his laptop. What a lifesaver.

The result after 1 and 1/2 hours is an iPad that's works Yipeeee

What does today bring hopefully a new iPhone and NO problems. I will update you tomorrow.

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