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Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa has escaped

Well last night we were at one of the many Christmas Parties Miss Fish has this year. Santa even came on a Fire Engine with the lights and sirens !

You might ask which Santa has escaped, well my Santa's have the are now lurking about my house.

Santa with the long legs.

He was the first Santa I made and he seems quite at home with a paper chain that Miss Fish made draped around him.

Miss Fish makes paper chains to decorate the house every Christmas, she has advanced from me cutting out the paper and using sticky tape to make the chains. To her cutting out the paper and using the stapler, her chains are just about perfect this year.

Cheeky Santa

He is all attitude.

Spooky Santa

Why is he spooky Santa because when I first made him I put him in the lounge room and at night he scared the heck out of Mr CLI.

He doesn't like him in the lounge room and each Christmas asks were he is so he doesn't get a fright.

I drew his face then colored him in with pencil. So he is very pale.

Have you got any spooky or scary Christmas decoration that scare anyone, or are all yours happy and sweet ?

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