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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Star of Siam - Adelaide South Australia

Now the very first time Mr CLI and I went away to Adelaide , way back in 2005, the actual last time I rode my old motorbike anywhere, this is the first restaurant we ate at.

We have been going there ever since. I can still remember the first meal we had it was barramundi with a green mango salad, both of which we had never eaten before. It was divine.

We sat out the front of the restaurant under the veranda watching the passing parade of cars and pedestrians. The Star of Siam is in Gouger Street if you know anything about Adelaide you will know that this street is full of restaurants and the back of the Adelaide Central market is there as well.

We have taken Miss Fish there twice and she has thoroughly enjoyed, as she is a fried rice and dim sim girl she was a bit concerned that there wouldn't be anything she liked, but she happily sat and ate small spring rolls, rice and stir fried vegetables, before her and I had coconut ice cream.

Now for just their coconut ice cream it is worth going there.

A word of warning if you do intend to eat there for Dinner especially on a Friday night you will need to book , as it is very busy with people leaving work who then do there weekly shop at the market then have tea there then go home.

So if you want some divine food in a very friendly atmosphere go to the Star of Siam next time you are in Adelaide.

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  1. Ooh yes I've been to Gouger Street and yes as you say there are plenty of places to go there!