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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am Back and Lagana's Restaurant - Warrnambool - Victoria

Now I don't know why blogger had to alter all their settings because it has caused me untold trouble, this was a blog I typed out on Valentines Day.

I saw that I could preset the publishing of it which I dutifully did, only to find that a/ it didn't publish and b/ when I manually published it the entire content had gone missing.

So after much fiddling we will start again.

Now Mr CLI, Miss Fish and I went to this restaurant on Valentines Day, now we hadn't planned it but Mr CLI had come home late I hadn't organised anything for tea and  Mr CLI fancied eating here, so off we went.

Now the meal didn't start well as we got the trainee waitress who did get the order muddled, but we soldiered on and got the meal we wanted.

Now Miss Fish is the chicken parmigiana queen, so she got hers with chips and salad. Now these parmigianas are huge but she persevered and ended up eating it all.

Mr CLI got his usual large Americana pizza, and I decided to order a pizza also. Normally I am the one that alters her mind every time we go.  I love their pasta with seafood sauce, also there seafood risotto, but on this night I decided to go with a pizza. Mine was an Hawaiian with shrimp and mushrooms. Very nice.

Now Mr CLI made the mistake of mentioning to Miss Fish that they have desserts and one of them is frog in the pond, now she must have been full after her huge meal, but insisted that she could fit in dessert,  by pointing to her ribcage and telling us she has room there for dessert. lol

So we ordered it for her, she received a coffee cup full of green jelly with a freddo frog poking out with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Did she manage to eat it yes she did. So Mr CLI rolled home after managing to fit in an entire large pizza, Miss Fish also waddled home after her meal. As I brought some of my pizza home I was the only one that wasn't full to the brim. Both Mr CLI and Miss Fish went to bed very full and happy.

I will try again tomorrow to post a recipe for healthy yes healthy banana muffins, that I made on the weekend.

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