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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where does time go... & Reflexology

Where does time go.

 I got onto the internet early yesterday to do the banking - which means paying bills - a sad thing while I was waiting for another sad thing the washing to finish so I could hang it out.

Before I got to yesterdays blog I discovered a web site that mad me very excited, now if you are into patchwork it will make you excited to it is filled with 1/2 hour videos of quilting.

Now unfortunately I started watching it and became hooked, before I knew it, it was lunchtime as I was waiting for Mr CLI to return from work as he had been in there since 1 a.m., I had forgotten about the blog.

I had some lunch the proceeded to watch more videos as by this time Mr CLI had returned and gone to bed, I must admit while watching the video I also fell asleep and awoke at tea time.

So you can see it was very easy for the time to disappear.


Now today I was up early but as we had run out of milk for my breakfast chai tea latte, I decided to go and do the shopping, afterwards I looked at the new shop called - Green Bamboo Massage - that has opened which gives massages and reflexology.

Was I tempted - we of course I was -  so I have spent a relaxing hour - well most of the time - having a herbal foot bath, a head massage and a lower leg and foot reflexology massage.

What is reflexology you ask - well it is a therapy were pressure is applied to certain points on the body to help/aid certain areas elsewhere on your body. It is along the same principles as acupuncture except pressure is applied instead of needles.

Well I have come home and put the groceries away and am finally drinking my chai tea while my body feels very relaxed, probably so relaxed that I might fall too sleep. LOL

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  1. That sounds a nice way to spend a day! :D