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Monday, February 13, 2012

Jump in the Pan Chicken

Well they say things are sent to try us and today I am being tried to my limit.

I didn't post on Friday because my camera's batteries had died, so I got new ones over the weekend  BUT do you think I can find my camera.

I usually keep it in my bedside table, I went to get it this morning , no not there.

I rang up both Mr CLI and Miss Le Coiffure, no they haven't seen it.

So I am stumped as to were it is I thought I had left it on the kitchen bench ready to replace the batteries.

So unfortunately I don't have photos for you today, when I find the camera I will post the photos.

Now to the recipe, why is it called jump in the pan because you are meant to flip the frypan so that the chicken pieces jump about. Now my frypans are to heavy to try to do that also I want my chicken to stay in the pan not jump out. I just stirred with a wooden spoon.

This is a recipe from one of my recipe folders, I had cut it out of a magazine many years ago. It is a very easy without to many ingredients, but when you taste it you will be wanting more.

Mr CLI ate it all up with the verdict that I could cook that again.

Jump in the Pan Chicken
2 large chicken breasts, 1 lemon, 1 tbsp capers, rinsed, 2 tbsps chopped parsley, 1/2 cup white wine or verjuice, 2 tbsps plain flour, 2 tbsps + extra 1 tbsp butter, 3 tbsps olive oil, cracked black pepper

To serve - Creamy mashed potato and lemon wedges

To prepare the chicken remove the skin and any fat, then slice into thin slices lengthwise. On your chopping board place either a large freezer bag or a piece of cling wrap, lay some of the slices then cover with freezer bag/clingwrap. Using the flat size of a meat mallet belt the heck out of the chicken till it is as thick as a $2 coin, don't worry if the chicken falls apart.

I have found my camera this is how thin the chicken needs to be.

You then need to tear the chicken into bite size pieces.

Once all the chicken is thin and torn toss in the flour either by putting it in a bag and adding the chicken or as I did spreading the chicken over the chopping board and sprinkling the flour over.

Heat the oil and 2 tbsps butter, when it starts to sizzle add the chicken leave until it starts to sizzle and brown then either toss or stir. Once the chicken has all turned white some parts will have started to brown, add the capers and  wine/verjuice. Stir until liquid bubbles then add parsley the juice of half a lemon and the remaining butter. Stir and let bubble for 30 seconds a sauce will form. Season with cracked black pepper.

Serve on a mound of mashed potato with a lemon wedge too squeeze over.

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  1. Good luck with finding your camera! And the title of this dish is so cute :D