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Monday, February 6, 2012

Many Little Things ....

Well today I am going to write about little things that I have done or have happened over the last few days.

Now as Miss Fish is in respite the type of cooking I do changes. So there was things like ham and salad rolls, cheese and biscuits and last night home made chicken parmigiana for meals over the weekend.

Excitement !

Now you must be asking what is the picture of the bunch of grapes is about , well I have had a grape vine growing over our back veranda for the last 4 years and last year we got our first bunches of grapes on it, but unfortunately they didn't develop due to the weather.

This year is different as you can see I have beautiful bunches of grapes on the vine and I have had rain plus Mr CLI watering them so that they can develop. I tasted one a week ago they are still a little bit tart but as you can see by the photo they aren't far of.

I am very excited as we lost all our nectarines, mind you this is a tree that has grown it self , it just appeared amongst some ground cover and continued to grow.

Last week, I had checked the nectarines, but they were still hard. Last Thursday I went out and they felt a bit softer so I thought when I get back from the shops I will pick some.

Well the birds had the same idea because when I came home all that was left were stones hanging from the branches. So obviously next year we are going to have to net the tree to stop the birds.

Fun on the sewing machine

Now my next little thing is this runner I designed and made for a buffet that Mr CLI bought one day not so long ago, he went with a friend ours to help a lady our friend knew to shift and come home with a 1930's buffet and a dressing table.

The buffet has been put in the spare room for the moment and as this room has a green and pink theme, created by the previous owners. I made the runner in those colors.

Here is some of the detail of the free motion quilting I did.

I am very proud of it as after all the hours/days of quilting I have done I have finally managed to get the stitch length even.

So till tomorrow - hasta manana .

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  1. How exciting with your first bunch of grapes! I bet you can't wait for them to ripen-I would be very excited! :)