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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Didn't I speak to soon. ...

Well I thought I was entering into the last minute calm before the Christmas storm last week. How little did I know.

What noise exploding airbags make, is permently implanted in my mind.

On Wednesday I was driving along minding my own business when what do I see coming towards me 0n my side of the road but a car travelling very fast on my side of the road.

So I have my arm in the sling and a hairline fracture of my clavicle, and burns and bruising from the airbag.

So my blogs will be a bit up and down till my arm heals.

So I hope everyone has their Christmas festivities under control. Mine have now been curtailed trying to cook with one arm is nearly impossible. Never mind I am here to speak about it and luckily Miss Fish wasn't in the car.


  1. Ouch! You poor thing! I'm glad to hear that you're alive though, it sounds absolutely frightening. I hope the recovery process is quick!

  2. I can sympathize with you as I was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks a go. No airbags in my work van though which sounds better than having them.

    Broken arm, fractured clavicle and burns and bruising from the airbag???

    I think I was safer without one!

  3. Luckily the arm wasn't broken but the seat belt has given my shoulder a terrible injury though.