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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Well I hope everybody was woken up with a red rose and a heartfelt poem written by their loved one today.

Or was it more like my morning after organising Miss Fishes lunch and cooking her breakfast, I finally sit down and realise what today is.

I have long ago stopped giving Mr CLI cards as he always gets a bit distressed because he has forgotten,

Anyway I wished Mr CLI a Happy Valentines Day and made the comment that would I ever get a red rose, upon hearing this Mr CLI looked at me a bit crest fallen and stated that he had "given me a red rose once". Yes I replied that was over 25 years ago, so how long would I have to wait for another one.

He had no answer, so we will see when I will ever receive another red rose.

Now on a cooking note I have found my camera, where was you ask well it was hiding in my handbag, yes the same handbag that I had delved into several times over the weekend.

So I will update yesterdays blog.

So to everyone a Happy Valentines Day.

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  1. Happy belated Valentines to you! I'm Brazilian and our Valentines is celebrated in June :)