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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fishtales Restaurant - Warrnambool - VIC

While my parents were up we went out to tea, as we didn't want a large meal we decided to got to Fishtales.

It is a cafe/restaurant that started many years ago. You can get all day breakfast, chicken, fish, beef, lamb or vegie burgers. Fish and seafood, risottos, pasta, stirfrys and curries.

You can also get freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

It isn't a very expensive place to eat. Miss Fish had the junior meal which consisted of a piece of flake, 1 potato cake, 1 fried dim sim and chips served with a lemon wedge and tartare sauce. She thoroughly enjoyed it as well as some of the wedges that we ordered.

I had a tandoori chicken burger, which consisted of chicken pieces in a tandoori paste on a roll with lettuce mix, tomato slices, cucumber slivers in greek yoghurt.

Mr CLI had a cajun fish burger which had grilled fish which had been coated in cajun spices on a roll with lettuce mix and sliced tomato.

My Mum had a plain grilled fish roll and my Dad had a scrambled egg and bacon 'sarnie'.

We enjoyed all our meals and left feeling quite full.

So if you are ever in Warrnambool drop into Fishtales for their all day breakfast or a great burger.

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