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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Glam up Leftovers

Now sometimes leftover food isn't that inspirational when you are looking for something tasty to eat, but never fear I will give you some ideas that may help next time you are staring hungrily into the depths of your fridge and all you can see are leftovers.

Steamed Rice - you can make a very nice fried rice with leftover rice. You can add anything to it leftover roast chicken, steamed vegies, bacon, eggs. what ever takes you fancy.

Just use the rice as a vehicle for the other ingredients.

You can also add it to a chicken and vegetable soup at the end of cooking to add some body to the soup.

Cornbeef - If you have cooked cornbeef and have some leftover make hash browns. This is also good if you have leftover potato and carrot as well.

Heat some oil in the frypan add the potato and carrot that you have cut into cubes. When crispy on the outside add the chopped up cornbeef. Drizzle with a little worcestserhire sauce and some tomato sauce to give it some flavour and moisture. Season with salt and pepper and if you have any add some chopped fresh parsley at the end.

Top with a fried egg.

Cold Roast Chicken - Now this is a very versatile ingredient. You can add it to nachos to make chicken nachos , you can make casadias with it, also add it to your fried rice.

You can even make yummy toasted sandwiches with it by buttering the outside of the bread and pan frying the sandwiches.

For a tasty sandwich filling - Finely chop the chicken add to a little mayonnaise, also add some finely chopped chives or spring onions.

Leftover steamed vegies - Use these to make a tasty pie filling. Depending on the amount of vegies you have you may need to add some steamed potatoes and/or cooked meat.

Make a tasty bechamel sauce by adding plenty of grated cheese and dijon mustard. Stir into the vegetables and meat. Place in a pie dish and top with puff pastry. Cut a couple of slits into the top to let the steam escape.

Egg wash the top of the pastry and sprinkle on some freshly ground pepper and salt or sesame seeds. Bake 200.c for 20 - 25 minutes of until the pastry is golden and the filling is hot.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration next time you are confronted with leftovers.

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