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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What have I been doing

Well what have I been doing, after my parents when home then Miss Fish went into respite my time is my own till next Wednesday.

Oh Bliss !

So I have been nailing down some of my runners lol

Two of them I have been finished and yesterday I free motion quilted 2 others.

This is some of the quilting detail on the puppy runner.

The 2 other runners I used a piece of scrap damask that Mum gave me and created one with holly leaves and berries. Which really isn't relevant in Australia but we still use it as a symbol of Christmas.

The other one I have put on 2 have circle using fan shaped pieces. After it has been bound, todays job. I will make pleated fabric centre, it is a bit ahrd to explain, but when I have finished it, I will post a photo to show the detail

The runner with the half circle flowers.

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