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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nearly 15 years in the making.

What takes 15 years to get finished. Well 2 quilts have and there still not finished yet. One is to be my Winter quilt for our bed and the other is to be my Summer quilt.

Why aren't they finished yet. Well the first one is a crazy patchwork one with a very large centre square and the surrounding 12 squares are one for each month.

I have just looked at the pattern I started this in 2001, so only 10 years working on this one.

This is the pattern for the crazy patchwork quilt.

These squares I had finished many years ago, but had never put them together so after much searching yesterday I found them in a boxed marked crazy patchwork quilt LOL

Don't you love it when you are sooooo tidy yet still need to search everywhere to find something.

The other quilt is an applique quilt that I had finished the smaller squares and nearly finished the large 34" centre square.

So I dragged that from behind my seat and cut out the last pieces the be appliqued, which I have been busy doing this week.

Why did this quilt take so long, well for a perfectionist like me I never liked the way I appliqued, but looking at DVD's recently that show how applique is done now, I can see it is now much easier.

Not that I am going to start another hand appliqued quilt anytime soon, but if I get these two quilts finished it will be like getting a large monkey off my back and will give me a clear conscience for all my future quilting projects.

When they are finished I will post photos of them.

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  1. Well done! And don't they say the best things take time? ;)