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Monday, April 16, 2012

Daylesford and Surrounding Areas

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Well I am back, after a very busy weekend. It was originally going to be only Mr CLI and myself going away for a weekend, but Mr CLI invited Miss Le Coiffure and her partner.

So I had to hurriedly change the accomodation from a ground spa apartment to the "Penthouse" upstairs. We were right on the lake at Daylesford and could hear the people walking around the lake but we couldn't see much due to 2 very large trees blocking our view. I was of the opinion the a little tree trimming was in order so I could see the lake.

The other were horrified and suggested jokingly that why don't I get a cannon and blow the tops off the trees.

The last laugh was on them because what did we see later in the day at an antiques shop, not one but three cannons. Ha ! I bet they would have done a good job of taking the tops off the offending trees lol

With of without the trees the weather put on a spectacular weekend bright and sunny days but still cool at night so we could sleep well all snuggled up in bed.

It was lovely sitting on the back verandah watching the rosellas, kookaburras and magpies all flying about and sitting in the trees.

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I will blog further about our trip this week, plenty to talk about and we are planning another longer trip. Because our daughters partner couldn't get Friday off work they didn't get to Daylesford till night so they actually missed out on a day of the trip.

Till tomorrow.

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