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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where Did Yesterday Go & Up To Our Knees in Water

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Well have we started painting yet ? The short answer is no.

On Monday after dismantling Miss Fishes bed, we thought we had better check the cellar, the door to the cellar is in Miss Fishes room.

Can you imagine our horror when we opened the door to find water that came half way up Mr CLI's thigh and filled his gumboots with water.

When a pump was originally put In the cellar well before we bought the house it was plumbed into the downpipe from the roof but NO non return valve was connected. You learn a lot when your husband has a knowledge of these things.

So basically when it rains heavily as the water runs down the drainpipe it floods into the cellar from the pipe that the pump pumps water out of the cellar.

So we spent all of Monday pumping the water out then we pulled the hose through Miss Fishes bedroom window and hosed down the cellar then sprayed it with domestos then more hosing and more water pumping.

Luckily Miss Fish was asked to go into respite on Mondayso she is away this week because she wouldn't have been able to sleep in the spare room because of the smell !

So we get to yesterday off to the paint shop to buy more paint, then another plumbing part so Mr CLI could plumb this non return valve in. Which he has done so no backwash of water into the cellar. Job done.

So yesterday afternoon we started washing the walls and ceiling of Miss Fishes room, now this isn't a quick job considering the walls are 4 1/2 meters high.

So I will sign off now off to finish wall washing then we might get some paint on the walls. I will take some photos and post them tomorrow.

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