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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi no hi ho of to Painting We Go ...

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Well Mr CLI has this week off work. We originally were going away to Adelaide but circumstances changed and we were unableto go.

Mr CLI still took his week of holidays and we are going to paint Miss Fishes bedroom. Now there isn't anything really wrong with her room, but it could really do with a freshen up.

Miss Fishes room is the darkest room in the house because there is a large tree outside her window and as the house 120 years old the windows aren't very wide. For Miss Fish a dark room at nighttime is a good thing because as soon as she sees day light she is awake and up like the local rooster.

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So what have Miss Fish and I been doing this weekend tidying her room and packing it up.

Miss Fish has had a ball especially as she can now sleep in the spare bedroom.

So today is a day of preparation in her room we have to wash walls and tape edges before Mr CLI checks out what paint we have and what we need to get tomorrow. So a very busy Day I am in for.

Till tomorrow be happy in what you do today.

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  1. That rooster looks as though it has a very purposeful stride! :o Good luck with painting. It was never my favourite job :)