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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing up a Storm, all for a good Cause ...

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Well I hope the photo gives you a hint as to what good reason Miss Le Coiffure and I spent all yesterday making babies bibs and a nappy bag.

Miss Le Coiffure was the cut ironing and simple sewing girl and I was the one that wrestled with the nappy bag. At one stage I had sewn the bottom of the bag to the top by mistake. Lol

So we are going to be grandparents by the end of September. It's all very exciting.

I have had the knitting needles going for the last few weeks making little cardigans and bootees, but I have stopped because all the baby wools seem to be orientated towards pink or blue and as our little bundle hasn't arrived yet I can't buy a specific color. So most of my knitting has been cream or various shades of pale green, it will look like a little frog.

Now that isn't to bad as Mr CLI has a motorbike the color of kermit the frog and he calls Miss Le Coiffure a little tadpole when she is on her motorbike, but now everyone will have to be upgraded so our newest member of the family will be the little tadpole.

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This is actually the theme for one of the little baby quilts I am making it is going to have big Pa frog, then Mummy frog then little baby frog on it. When these quilts are finished I will post pictures.

Well I must fly because my sewing partner is on her way to help me to sew more bibs and maybe even some baby blankets. :)

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