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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lake Daylesford Apartments - Daylesford - Victoria

When we went away last weekend for my Birthday, we stayed at the Lake Daylesford Apartments. We had originally booked the ground floor garden spa apartment, but after Mr CLI invited Miss Le Coiffure and her partner , we upgraded to the 2 bedroom Penthouse, which is on the 2nd floor.

As I have said the other day we could hear the lake but not see it. It was very peaceful environment no traffic noise, only the noise of people walking around the lake.

The apartments are in a building that I think would have been built in the 1930's, but the apartment have been renovated to a high standard.

The bedrooms were quite large, but for some reason they didn't put in wardrobes. which is strange because most people staying in an apartment would be there for a few days and would like to hang their clothes up.

The kitchen dining room, which is also part of the open plan lounge.

The lounge.

The bathroom which was roomy, but a problem having the toilet in there and 4 people staying. lol

The view from the back verandah.


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