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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready Set Go ...

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Well today is a day of getting things organised, why ? Because Mr CLI & I are going away to Daylesford for the weekend for my birthday. So I need to get all the washing done and jobs around the house up to date.

I don't really like coming home to an untidy house or even worse lots of washing. Also I need to get Miss Fishes gym and swimming clothes washed and dried for her to take to respite.

As it is my Birthday tomorrow I absolutely refuse to do washing ! So it must be done today.

Also on the go is quilting my Nana's Garden quilt, I did want to get it quilted before Easter to give to Miss Fish, bu as Mr CLI will be painting her room in a couple of weeks I will give it to her then.

So plenty on for today, talk to you tomorrow.

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