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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fried Rice

Now this recipe was originally a Kylie Kwong recipe that I have fiddled with and altered over the years.

This is a very versatile recipe you can add anything you like, char siu pork, cooked chicken, steamed vegetables, whatever happens to be handy.

In this one I used 1/2 a red capsicum finely chopped, 1 small carrot grated & 3/4 cup peas.

I always put egg in. This can be added two ways if you wish large pieces of egg, before cooking the fried rice

Egg 1- Heat 2 tbsps of oil in the bottom of the work or frypan add the egg and cook like an omelette, drain on paper towel.

If you wish small pieces all through the rice
Egg 2- After you have added the rice and sauces and the rice has separated and started to heat through, push it to the edges and pour the eggs into the centre, let the eggs to start to cook on the bottom then move them about allowing the remainder of the egg to cook then stir into the rice. This will give you little flecks of egg all through the fried rice.

Also included in this recipe is a tablespoon of finely chopped pickled vegetables. Now these are from another Kylie Kwong recipe Goong Goong's pickles. I made a batch of these pickles many years ago, even though the vegetables colors have faded in the vinegar they stir are sweet and vinegary. I always add these to my fried rice.


Fried rice is always best made with cold steamed rice, if you use freshly cooked rice all you will get is a gluggy mess.

Fried Rice
4 cups cooked rice, 3 - 4 eggs beaten together with 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 - 2 cups chopped vegetables, 1/2 red onion finely chopped, cooked meat of your choice, 1 tbsp chopped pickled vegetables, 3 tbsps light soy sauce, 2 tbsps oyster sauce, 2 tbsps shao hsing wine

Cook Egg 1 recipe now.

Heat 2 tbsps peanut oil in a wok or large frypan. Add the onion, stir 1 minute, add the remaining vegetables and meat if using. Stirfry fry for 1 - 2 minutes. Then pour the wine around the edges, let sizzle until partially evaporated, add  the rice. Carefully stir the rice, as it heats it will separate, ensure that you keep stirring otherwise the rice will burn.

Cook Egg 2 recipe now.

Once the rice has separated add the soy and oyster sauces and egg if cooked earlier. Stir fry till hot and the egg  has been broken into smaller pieces.

Serve up and enjoy.

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