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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Weekend

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A bit late but I hope everyone enjoyed their St Patricks Day Celbrations , on Saturday if you attended any.

I must say I was a bit concerned on Saturday nights news when there had an article about the different celebrations and they showed a coffee shop turning their lattes green with coloring, it might put some people off drinking their coffee.

Also on a funny note I always wonder every year about the people that over indulge on the green dyed beer, what a surprise they must get the next say when they go to the toilet ! Lol

We another busy weekend was had a friend came over for me to hem 7 silk scarves I think there was more but it turned into a mammoth sewing session, leaving me quite sore and worn out yesterday.

I am still putting together my Nanas Garden quilt top, but realized I have laid it out wrong so will need to make 4 large half square triangles for 2 corners.

A lesson learnt you should always check your design/ drawing before you start sewing.

That's it for today tomorrow I will be talking about Transylvania !

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  1. We didn't do much for St Patrick's Day this year! I'm interested to see what you write about Transylvania though!