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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mystery in the Kitchen ...

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Today's picture is cute and cheery, something I feel I need today.

Now what are the mysteries of the kitchen, here are a few -

- Why is it when you use the microwave, it doesn't matter we're you place the item in the microwave or how long you microwave it, it always ends up at the back of the turntable .

- How come when you know you ave a certain food item in your pantry/fridge and you construct your meal around it, only to find that it a/ is missing or b/ most of it has been eaten.

When you question the other members of the house no one knows anything about it being eaten.

Mr Nobody strikes again !

- Mr Nobody seems to find a lot of dirty dishes AFTER you have asked for them so that you can a/ set of the dishwasher or b/ wash the dishes.

A bit of a side line he seems to do the same with the clothes washing, when asked for all the dirties to be put in the laundry basket ( now this is for only one member of my house, 2 of us put out dirties in as soon as we take them off. No hints for guessing who the take them off and get them in the basket later is.)

They all appear after the basket has been emptied !

- Why is it that Nigella can have interesting leftovers in her fridge that can be revamped into another meal, yet when I look in my fridge my leftovers usually consist of a cold sausage yuk or bit of pasta.

I never see anything exciting that I can have as a midnight snack or turn into another interesting meal. Lol

- This isn't really a mystery of the kitchen, but it relates to cooking. When asked for meal suggestions you get the reply "anything will do", so you cook anything you get pulled faces and comments like " I really didn't fancy this " it's times like this that I need interesting leftovers .

There are a few mysteries in my kitchen, do you have any others in yours ?

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  1. LOL at your mystery in the kitchen questions! I think that we must be living parallel lives :P