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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am having an apron of a time ...

Well here is Miss Fish all dressed to go to the gym, modelling one of the aprons that I have been busy making.

I am going to put them on the internet to sell.

They are quite easy to make the main body of the apron is a teatowel and I add to rather large pockets.

I do love an apron with a pocket, when I was a child is was for your hankie. Nowadays you would probably put your iphone in it. lol 

I have also been sewing hundreds of 2 1/2 " squares cut from my scrap basket, together. This is for another quilt top. For a pattern called Nana's garden.

Miss Fish keeps looking at the little squares and admiring them even though she has 2 quilt already, made for her by her Nana, my Mum.

When this quilt is finished I might see if she would like. it.

Well back to the sewing machine while I am captured in the house today - no car it is around at the mechanics because somehow all the brake lights have failed, and as I was injured in last years big bang I don't wish another bang by someone not paying attention while driving and hitting me up the rear.

So till tomorrow happy sewing or cooking or eating or resting or whatever you are doing.


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  1. Happy sewing to you! And pockets in aprons is a clever idea! I don't think any of my aprons have pockets :o