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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Scrappy Nana's Garden

Now it's not what you think it isn't my Nana's garden as she is no longer with us nor my daughters Nana's garden, but a quilt top that is named Nana's Garden.

Why is it scrappy because I have used several hundred hand cut 2 1/2" squares to border the centre squares of muslin.

I was originally going to hand sew this but after sewing 4 squares together and realised that I had about 500 + more squares to put together I decided this was one for the sewing machine.

Now I designed the layout of the squares myself when I came to putting the rows together realised I had made a boo boo - or in the quilting world a technical decision. So I had to make another square to even out the rows.

Now I am not to interested in ironing but I will quite happily iron quilt blocks and tops.

This is the quilt back all starched and ironed ready to be clipped to my kitchen table.

Here is the backing, batting and quilt top all clamped to my kitchen table waiting for me to pin it together.

I put on a DVD and watched it while I pin the 300 odd pins into the quilt to make the quilt secure enough for me to quilt.

Here is the finished job the quilt is all pinned.

Now I only have to quilt it.

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