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Friday, March 23, 2012

Minding My 4 Legged Grandaughter

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Well instead of helping Miss Le Coiffure shift today I am minding Tieka her 3 year old tabby cat. If she was left at home with the doors being open she would disappear, not only that in recent weeks when she has been let outside she has proven herself to be a good mouser returning with her still alive treasures.

When I was there earlier this week Miss Le Coiifure and I were having a little lie down as we were hot and tired from packing, Miss Tieka returned from a little wander outside with mouse in her mouth.

Now that wasn't the scary thing what was scary was when she jumped from a bench onto my chest with her mouth about 5 cms from my face. I don't usually squeel at things but a live mouse right near my face was too much to bear.I now call her the Mouseketeer !

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So on this very cold and windy day I will stay in the warmth and mind my little Mouseketeer.

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