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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hopping into Easter

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Well you would think that after 20 odd years we would be finished in the CLI household with Easter Bunny, well we aren't.

Miss Fish still believes and with a 9 year old niece, Mr Bunny is still hopping into our Easters.

One of my cooking traditions if I am home at Easter is to make hot cross buns. There is nothing better than the smell of baking buns with the kitchen filled with smell of cinnamon.

When mine are straight out of the oven I glaze them with a sugar glaze, this gives the buns a real shine. You then cut them in half while hot and slather them with butter.

Unfortunatly this won't be happening this year as we will be at my parents, well there is always next year.

Another of our family traditions is a Easter egg hunt, not with real eggs, but with chocolate eggs.

If my Mum is in charge of this we need to count the eggs and follow her as she leaves the, to see where they are, because we learnt the hard way one year for chocolate eggs are fair game for our doggie members of the family. We know this because one year later in the day after the hunt we found chewed tin foil wrapping from an Easter eggs and a satisfied looking dog !

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So I hope you have some family Easter traditions you can pass down through your family, and you are getting ready for Easter weekend.

Happy hopping.

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