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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stirfry Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables

First of all I must say


She will be 23 years young today, and is very excited about it.

So yesterday and today I am in Birthday mode, she busily went to our friends last night and invited them for tea tonight.

Luckily I am making pizzas so I should be able to stretch to 2 extra people.

This slightly blurry photo, I don't know what I did, is of the stir fried noodles with chicken and vegetables.

Now I used fine dried egg noodles, but you could use any noodle you like, and you can add anything, prawns, no meat more vegetables the choice is yours.

Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables

1 chicken breast cut into thin bite size pieces, 2 cup of chopped vegetables, make sure they are small enough to cook quickly, noodles I used 5 bundles of dried egg noodles, 2 tbsps oyster sauce, 2 tbsps light soy sauce, 2 tbsps shao hsing wine

2 tbsps light soy sauce, 2 tbsps hoisin sauce, 1 tbsp shao hsing wine

Mix together in a bowl and add meat. Leave to marinate while you chop the vegetables.

Preparing the noodles - if all ready cooked, place into a large bowl and cover with boiling water, leave for 2 minutes, the drain and rinse under cold water. If the noodles are dry cook in boiling water for 3 minutes for fine egg noodles or 4 minutes for hokkien noodles. Then  drain and rinse under cold water.

In a hot wok or frypan heat 2 tbsps peanut oil, Add the vegetables and strifry for 2 -3 minutes.

Push the vegetables to the edge then add the chicken draining off the marinade BUT keep it to add as part of the sauce. Stir fry chicken till it changes color the stir together with the vegetables.

Add the noodles marinade , soy sauce, shao shing wine and oyster sauce, stirfry till the noodles are heated through and coated with the sauce. Serve and enjoy.

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