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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh What a Long Weekend

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Well we're did the time go since since last Friday. Mr CLI and on the spur of the moment went away overnight to Geelong, on Saturday. We were sitting in our dressing gowns and having a morning cuppa, Miss Fish was in respite, Mr CLI lamented that's it's such nice weather he would love to go for a motorcycle ride.

I suggested if we could find some cheap accommodation in Geelong we could go there and visit friends, then come home the next day.

Well after much searching we finally found a Motel that had a vacancy so we booked it. The Aristocrat in Waurn Ponds.


Now you would think that hopping on a motorcycle and leaving would be a quick thing, oh no. Mr CLI had to get the bikes ready, I had to pack, then you have to get all your bike gear on. Think the Michelan Man, but in black.

Then Mr CLI remembered he had left his wallet at work an the bikes needed petrol. Ok I thought simple we will go get petrol at the servo across the road from his work he will then get his wallet and of we would. Simple !

It would have been if he had his credit card in is wallet, so back home we went to get that. So as a consequence of all these comings and goings we didn't get n the road till nearly midday.

After a stop for lunch we finally got to the accommodation at 3.45 pm. Time to unpack have a cuppa then leave again.

On the Sunday Mr CLI decided it would be nice to ride thought the Brisbane ranges then on too Ballarat, where we had lunch at our favorite Chinese Restaurant , the Golden Mountain.

I even thought ahead and got extra for tea that night, clever thinking 99.

After finally getting home late in the afternoon on Sunday, the great bike wash began.

Mr CLI doesn't believe in putting the bikes away without washing the bugs off. So I sat and talked to him while he did that with special washing liquid. To say Mr CLI is fastidious with the bikes is an understatement.

So when I got to Monday I completely forgot that it was a day for a blog, then yesterday I was so busy catching up with the washing that yesterdays blog slipped by as well.

So I hope everyone had a safe and fun long weekend.

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